November 03, 2017

When it comes to choosing your perfect fall outfit, there are so many things to take into consideration. What’s the occasion? What temperature is it? How long will I be wearing it? And, most importantly, does it need to work for more than one occasion? 

For the last question, most of us have to consider if the outfit can work for day and night—at the office and at the bar. In the summer, this transition can be a little more difficult, but when it comes to fall outfits, there are so many options for day-to-night that you’ll never run out of clothes.

Here are a few of our favorite fall outfits for the office and the party.

Brianne Top 

The Brianne Top is part of our new Fall 2017 Collection and it’s the perfect top for night and day. 

Paired with black slacks and low-slung heels, this embroidered, cascading top is classy and ideal for a day at the office. However, pair the top with a skirt or skinny jeans and killer stilettoes in a bright color—like fire-engine red—and you have the perfect nighttime fall outfit.

Hazel Dress 

Our favorite fall accessory is a pair of gorgeous boots, and the good news is that boots and the Hazel Dress make a stunning combination.

For a day look, choose simple, knee-high boots in leather and add a pair of black or cream leggings. For a fall outfit that’s ready to hit the town, keep your legs bare and choose sexy-heeled boots that match the braided applique bib trim of the dress. 

Sheffield Top

The Sheffield Top, with its Velines Lace and ruffles, is a perfect fall outfit for a quick day-to-night transition.

All you need to dress this top up and down are a few accessories. Simply add some bangle bracelets and a bold necklace for a perfect night look, and keep it clean and unassuming with pearls for a gorgeous day outfit.

Becket Dress

At first look, the Becket Dress looks too casual for a night out, but it’s all about how you wear it. Sure, with a pair of ankle boots, the Becket is a perfect dress for a gorgeous fall day spent shopping or lounging around a local park. However, when you pair this off-the-shoulder beauty with heels in a gorgeous mustard yellow or deep green, and you add the right jewelry—such as a simple white gold chain necklace—suddenly, this dress becomes flirty and party-ready. 

Orchid Top 

Our Orchid Top, in black or red, looks great in almost any setting. The colored stitch details that adorn the neckline, center front, and sleeves are subtle but classy—ideal for a variety of occasions. 

For the office, this shirt looks great with a pair of slacks or a pencil skirt. After work, we love pairing our Orchid Top with jeans and heels or a great pair of boots. And the deep V neckline means that you have endless opportunities for necklace pairings.


When it comes to fall outfits, Red Carter has you covered with the basics. All of our Fall 17 Collection tops and dresses can work for both the day and the night, it’s all about your personal style and your accessories. What’s your favorite way to transition between the office and the bar? Let us know in the comments!

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