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April 19, 2018

When you purchase a swimsuit for your beach vacation, you want to look and feel good. You should also want the ocean to look and feel good as well.

As you lie on the pristine sand--book in hand--listening to crashing waves and soaking up the sun, it’s easy to forget the destruction taking place below the shimmering blue surface of the water.

Pollution is making our oceans sick. A sick ocean is bad for sea life and humans alike. But only people can make the ocean well again.

Everything But Water

The Water is Everything initiative wants to be part of the cure.

Created by the good-hearted people behind Everything But Water, Water is Everything has one goal: to save the seas for future generations.

Water is Everything will use the power of social media to educate the Everything But Water customer base about ocean acidification, coral whitening and the devastating effects of plastic on our underwater ecosystem.

Working in conjunction with organizations dedicated to the ocean’s survival—including The 5 Gyres Insitute—Everything But Water will donate a portion of their sales to help continue the good work. An upcoming 5 Gyres Institute expedition to Bali will be sponsored in part by Everything But Water.

On April 4, Water is Everything teamed up with the 5 Gyres Institute, the Surfrider Foundation and to host a two-hour clean-up and dune restoration on South Beach. It was followed by a screening of the documentary “Junk Raft” and a book signing with 5 Gyres co-founder, Dr. Marcus Eriksen.

The following day, a catamaran cruise aboard The Impossible Dream allowed participants to learn about plastic pollution during an ocean trawling expedition. Later that evening, a poolside party with live music and shopping added a bit of levity to the seriousness of the cause.

Along with fundraising, Everything But Water has adopted sustainable business practices, to avoid adding to any damage that’s already been done by man.

Pollution 101

According to the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration, land activities and runoff cause 1.4 billion pounds of trash each year to pollute our oceans. Add the occasional oil spill and you’ve got quite the mess.

Innocent marine animals often mistake this trash for food, leading to slow and painful death for these beautiful creatures.

An excess of nutrients can cause an overabundance of algae, depleting the necessary oxygen supply for marine life, forcing some wildlife to leave and killing the ones who must stay behind. Plus, heavy metals can contaminate sea food consumed by humans.

More Plastic than Fish?

The UN predicts there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. If actions aren’t taken soon, snorkeling will look like a shopping trip down the soda aisle of a grocery store.

Over 300 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide each year. Too much of it winds up in our oceans and on our shores.

Fashion Forward

The fashion industry needs to be a global leader in sustainability. EcoWatch has named the fashion industry as the second biggest polluter in the world behind oil. This reality makes the Water is Everything campaign even more important.

Everything But Water understands this dire need for change. To save the water, we must change what we do on land.

Is it Too Late?

No. We still have time to save our seas. Since the ocean covers 70% of the Earth’s surface, it’s a big job.

Supporting the Water is Everything initiative is a small step towards a great and achievable goal. 

On April 22, celebrate Earth Day by sending our oceans a virtual Get Well card.


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