Resort Wear Trends: 7 Must-Have Tunics and Caftans for Your Getaway!

Resort Wear Trends: 7 Must-Have Tunics and Caftans for Your Getaway!

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Tunics and caftans are the most versatile items in your vacation suitcase.

They can be worn alone as a dress with sandals for day or dressed up with heels at night. They can double as a long top over pants and tights. They can also be worn over a bathing suit to give you a little extra coverage, so you won’t have a wardrobe malfunction in the resort lobby.

From a purely practical standpoint, tunics and caftans are a resort wear trend that, luckily for us, never really goes out of style.


Of course, just because the idea of a tunic or caftan never goes away, that doesn’t mean a tunic or caftan purchased for your last vacation in 2008 is still fashion forward. Back then, your gold lame sack dress may have made you the envy of every woman at the pool but now they’d whisper to each other, “Is she wearing that ironically?”

Resort Wear Collections

Each year, designers send their resort wear collections down the runway letting their customers know which resort wear trends will get you oohs instead of boos.

What’s In?


The old-adage, “don’t wear white after Labor Day” doesn’t apply to resort wear this year. White, off-white and ivory are a resort wear trend to be worn 365 days this year.

A white tunic or caftan is a clean, crisp look reminiscent of the Greek Isles. White also has the added benefit of going with any color or print in your wardrobe.

The Red Carter Tomey Dress in Ivory is a perfect example of a double-duty garment. Paired with a strapless bathing suit, this tunic will take you from the beach to brunch. The lace and ruffles ad a subtle feminine touch without being over-the-top girlie.

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This resort trend takes the lemon and lime out of your drink and puts it in your closet. Lime green and bright yellow scream vacation!

If you’re worried that a monochromatic lime green tunic or yellow caftan will make you look like a giant piece of fruit, go for a dress with color blocking. You could also buy a tunic or caftan in lime green or yellow sheer material which would allow your Red Carter swimsuit to shine through.

Tropical Prints

Tropical pints are a must-have resort trend even if you’re not visiting the tropics. A resort fashion mainstay, tropical prints are bolder than in years past.

A tropical print tunic or caftan doesn’t need much in the way of accessories since the print speaks for itself.

With the Red Carter Pippi Dress in Havana Leaf you can just throw it on and go! The all-over leaf print in green could be camouflage at some resorts. You’ll stand out, while blending in, with the beautiful scenery.


Fabulously flowing tunics and caftans will make you feel like a Venus on vacay.

Perfect for all body types, this resort trend is more easy-going than casual. It is both feminine and empowering.

Vertical Stripes

Aside from the stripes going up and down, this resort wear trend has no rules.

The stripes can be thick or thin. They can be contrasting black and white or color. They can even be paired with flowers or a horizontal stripe.

When it comes to a tunic or caftan, thick stripes can make you look like a circus tent so thin stripes on a lighter background may be a better choice.

Flared Pants

Bell-bottoms are back but what do they have to do with a tunic or a caftan?

If you want to think outside-the-box, this resort wear trend may be a good option. Instead of a dress, a jumpsuit can give you the same easy styling while performing the same multi-purpose function.

The Red Carter Kelly Jumpsuit with Chambray Stripe has wide-leg cropped pants perfect for a resort. The vertical stripes make this two, two, two trends in one.


If you’re not careful, a cowboy or southwestern inspired tunic or caftan can make you look like you’re ready to go trick-or-treating. But, with just a subtle touch of this resort wear fashion trend, you can be “in” (without looking like you’re going “out” to rustle cattle).

Bon Voyage!



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