August 23, 2017

Most summers, it seems like the dominant trends run toward suits that cover less and less. This summer, however, many fans of sleek and sophisticated are opting for “more is more” instead.

This is part of what’s making the one shoulder one piece bathing suit one of the hottest summer trends this year. The one piece offers more coverage to give you more sun protection. But, the single shoulder offers a daring and unexpected look.

Like our flirty but simple Astra dress, our Splice and Dice One Shoulder One Piece’s asymmetry is simple but dramatic.

Not sure of the best ways to bring out this piece’s best features?

These tips will give you the pool or seaside style you crave!

Make a Statement with the Right Jewelry

Big, bold necklaces may seem like an ideal foil for a one shoulder one piece suit, but they can clash with the neckline. A simple choker keeps the sleek look and adds a throwback vibe.

Or, slip on a pair of bold and eye-catching earrings. The simple lines of a suit like our solid Splice and Dice complement these pieces perfectly.

Pick the Perfect Hair

There is a huge range of choices that work wonderfully with a one shoulder one piece bathing suit.

A beachy up-do keeps your hair casual and pretty while not interrupting the neckline of your suit. The simplest version of this look means twisting salt water soaked hair up and pinning into place with a bobby pin or two.

Prefer to wear your hair down?

Long hair worn down and sleek should fall behind the shoulders or be swept to one side for a dramatic look. A couple of clips or a simple barrette can hold everything in place.

Keep Cover-ups Down Low

If you are going to pick an asymmetrical look, don’t cover it up with kimono or robe style cover-ups.

A sarong slung casually around your hips lends a sexy and tropical vibe. Add some colorful stripes with our Elea skirt. Or, throw on some Flowy palazzo shorts and take your one shoulder one piece from the pool to the restaurant in time for dinner. Pair with some chunky heels for a perfect look.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen.

Of course, you put on that SPH 15 or higher before you go out and reapply religiously, right?

While it’s important to protect yourself from the sun’s rays every day, it’s doubly so when you are rocking a look. While a one shoulder one piece may be your favorite piece this summer, it also can leave some pretty distinctive tan lines. To avoid an off kilter look every time you bare your shoulders during the warmer months, make sure you keep up with regular application of your favorite waterproof sunscreen.


Our one shoulder one piece bathing suits are made with the same high quality and attention to detail that we offer with every item in our catalog. If you are ready for a piece that is on trend but built to last, check our one shoulder offerings out today.


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