July 05, 2018


Since the invention of the bikini in 1946, women have been hitting the beaches and pools in bikini's of all types. Whether you love bandeau or triangle, skimpy or supportive, sexy or sporty, there’s a bikini-look that’s perfect for everyone.

In fact, a great bikini is the must-have item of the summer! That’s why we’ve pulled out all the stops on this National Bikini Day to talk about our Designer Red Carter's favorite bikini for today and the summer season!

The In Stitches Smocked bikini.

In Stitches Smocked Bikini 

The In Stitches Smocked bikini is a two-piece with a preppy twist. With a bandeau top and hipster bottom, it’s the ideal look for those who prefer a little bit more coverage while still wanting to feel sexy.

As for the design, it follows a huge trend in the marketplace—the desire for woven fabric. The In Stitches Smocked fabric is made of stretch woven novelty fabric for the ultimate in comfort and function. Then, there’s the added touch of boho-inspired tassels on the straps for some flirty fun.

Best yet, the In Stitches Smocked bikini can be worn at more than the beach. If you pair the bandeau top with high-waisted cutoffs, it’s the perfect loungewear for the beach or poolside. You can even use the top as sportswear.

The In Stitches Smocked bikini is one of those designs that anyone can enjoy. It comes in three colors: red, navy, and periwinkle. And though periwinkle might be the number one choice, it’s all about what you want!

Celebrating National Bikini Day 

Now that you know what you’re wearing, it’s time to celebrate National Bikini Day! Here’s what you should do:

  • Throw a Bikini Pool Party: Grab all your gal pals and head to the pool. There’s nothing more fun than a day with all your friends enjoying the heat and the sun in your favorite bikini. We love themed parties and think that a 1940s inspired bikini party is a great idea!
  • Head to the Beach: July 5th sounds like a perfect beach day to us! Throw on your new In Stitches Smocked bikini, grab a towel and umbrella and then head for some fun in the sun and sand. You really never need an excuse to escape to the beach, but if you were looking for one, this is it!
  • Go Crazy with Accessories: Now that you have a new bikini, it’s time to go a little crazy accessorizing. No bikini outfit is complete without the perfect cover up, some stylish shades, and the right amount of bling. A great piece to get you started is our Drawstring Dress Cover Up.


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