Trends to get On Board with This Fall

Trends to get On Board with This Fall

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We regard spring as a time for re-birth and new beginnings. But is that true when it comes to fashion? 

As designers send their 2018 fall collections down the runway, we get a glimpse of what will be in style next year. Adopting some or all of these trends will give new life to your wardrobe.

While many of the models seemed ready for winter-- donning balaclavas, tweed and multi-layers of coats-- there were a few trends which could easily be incorporated into your resort wear ensembles.

Wear Em Cowboy 

Cowboy Boots

The world’s fascination with the American West never seems to really go away. But, this year, designers are embracing the western trend like never before, from large belt buckles to western shirts to bolos. 

And these updated cowboy boots are made for walking the runway, not working the ranch. In white or red, these classic boots would look adorable with a Red Carter dress or cover up.

See the World Through Rose Colored Glasses

Sunglasses aren’t just for summer. In the winter, glare can make sunglasses a necessity. Even in Reykjavik, people need sunglasses during the four hours a day they actually have sun. 

The trend this year is toward bold, statement glasses. Tinted lenses are hot this fall and can give your face a splash of color. Both round lenses and ski goggles are also in fashion and are a perfect vehicle for colored lenses.

Pair them with Red Carter swimwear on your next vacation.

I Love the 80s

The ‘80’s are back and that means neon colors. This year, hot pink dominated the runways. 

For most women, hot pink from head to toe can look like a pink nightmare. If you want to avoid looking “Pepto-abysmal,” use the color sparingly.

A hot pink hat to accessorize your next Red Carter outfit should be on the top of your fall fashion list.

The Bigger the Bag the Better

As our phones got bigger our purses got smaller, which never made much sense. This year, designers featured bags large enough to hold a desktop computer. 

Oversized bags are very trendy this year but they are also very practical. In one stylish bag, we can carry our laptops, water bottles and a pair of flats.

When you’re on vacation, an oversized bag is perfect for a change of clothes, sunscreen and a tablet. 

Animals Animals 

In fashion, animal prints will never be extinct but, this year, you could hear the roar of the wild from Paris to Milan.

Snakeskin, leopard and zebra coats, boots and dresses were included in nearly every collection.

For a resort wear look, animal print sandals would nicely accent a monochromatic Red Carter swimsuit. 

Check, Please 

Checks--and it’s Scottish cousin, tartan plaid--are the must-have pattern for the season. The key to looking fashionable this year, however, is to combine different colors and variations. Scary, huh? 

Wearing black and white checked pants with a red tartan plaid scarf may sound risky, but 2018 is the year to take risks with this look. 

The Red Carter Lola Bottom, Daisy Top and Lucy 1 Piece all are decked-out with checks.

The Silkier the Better 

A scarf is an easy way to update your wardrobe because it can completely change the look of an outfit. Silk scarves are the scarf du jour so check grandma’s closet to see if she saved any from the old days. 

Instead of wearing a baseball cap on a bad hair day, try wrapping a silk scarf around your head for a classic Hollywood actress look. 

A long silk scarf tied at one shoulder can easily double as a shawl while on vacation.


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